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In addition to my personal writing endeavours, I’m happy to take on commissioned writing projects and offer an array of freelance services:

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Rates & Offerings


Freelance Writing


With approximately 200 poems published and more searching for homes, it should come as no surprise that poetry is one of my favourite forms! I’m happy to consider specific topics, formats, and other features to create the perfect poem for you.

A love poem for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary? You got it! Sing-song rhymes for your little one? Can do.

$10 per stanza – See my previously published poems or books for examples of my work. 


Those who’ve found me through poetry might be surprised to learn that fiction was actually my first literary love.

I’ll create a short story you can read to your kids or flame your spark of inspiration into a blazing, full-fledged fire.

$20 per page – See my previously published prose for examples of my work.

Blog Posts & Web Content

My “day job” is in content writing and, in addition to my creative works, I run a lifestyle blog, An Ideal Life. From copywriting to promote your business to blog posts to fill your content calendar, I’m happy to write about topics like health & wellness, beauty, family & pets, productivity & organisation, books & writing, personal finance, spirituality, and more.

$50 per 500-word post or $95 per 1000-word post – See An Ideal Life or my bylined freelance portfolio for examples of my work. 


In my own work, through my work with Nightingale & Sparrow, and with freelance efforts, I have more than six years of experience in copy editing and proofreading.


Once you’ve completed your final draft, you might very well be sick of reading through your work—and your brain is sure to trick you into missing errors. I’m happy to use my grammatical expertise in UK or US English to ensure your copy, be it fiction, poetry, web content, or something else entirely, is sound and error-free!

$0.03 per word

Copy Editing

If you’re looking for more help than the basic look-through my proofreading services provide, copy editing can help. I’ll review your work for not just spelling and grammatical errors but more in-depth considerations like flow, structure, or readability. This will make your draft the best it can be!

$0.05 per word



Social Media Posts

You have a lot on your plate already—let me take care of your social media coverage! I’ve worked as a freelance social media creator for over a year, in addition to almost a decade of volunteer positions and my own social media management (including my writing and blogging pages and those for Nightingale & Sparrow). Whether you’re an author looking to promote your work or a company looking to build your reach, a strong social media presence can make a world of difference.

$25 per post – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

$40 per post – Instagram, Pinterest

Resume Creation

Ever since taking a class on it in high school, I’ve loved to create resumes and CVs. As a full-time freelancer myself, I specialize in crafting documents that highlight my fellow creatives! Whether you want a bare-bones Word doc to send out for day jobs or you want to make a statement with a vivid, creative design, I can help you reach your biggest professional goals, accompanied by the perfect documentation.

Basic resume: $60

Custom resume design: $100


Freelance Design

Manuscript Formatting

Between my own work and my role as founding editor at Nightingale & Sparrow, I’ve formatted dozens of manuscripts for submission and publication. With a bit of time and effort, I’ll have your work ready for KDP or meeting a certain press’ guidelines, letting you focus on your writing, timeline, and other responsibilities.

$2 per page

Website Creation

Whether you’re an author, publisher, or another sort of literary professional, a good website can make or break your career. I’ve created not just the website you’re on now but those for Nightingale & SparrowAn Ideal Life, and more.

$750 for a site with a WordPress-branded domain or $1,000 (plus hosting and domain cost) for a self-hosted website/custom domain name

Find more information on my web services in my brochure!


Sound like a good fit for your freelance project?

If you’re ready to book my freelance writing, editing, or design services, I’m ready to hear from you! Reach out at [email protected] and we’ll get to work.

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