Work With Me & Freelance Services

In addition to my personal writing endeavours, I take on frequent commissioned writing projects and offer an array of freelance services:

Commission a piece

Solicitations from publications are welcome—use the contact form to reach out. 


Poetry is my favourite form lately and I’m always thrilled to write a piece on commission, with whatever topic and specifications you might be looking for (within reason, of course).

Reach out with a brief description of what you’re looking for (length, subject, any details or inspiration to include, rhyming/unrhyming, etc.) and I’ll get back to you an estimate as soon as possible.

Read some of my published poems here.

Stories (Fiction or Essays)

Of course, I’m happy to take commissions for prose pieces! Whether fiction or nonfiction, I’m happy to work with you to create the perfect piece.

Send me an email with what you’re looking for (topic, genre, word count range, etc.) to receive an estimate.

Freelance Services

Website Services for Writers, Artists, and Publications

In addition to my own writing site (the website you’re on right now), I’ve created a wide variety of websites for publications and my fellow writers and artists.

Read more and view prices for my website services, including complete site setup, updates and maintenance, and more here. 

Transcription Services

I have extensive experience in transcribing a wide variety of video and audio, especially:

  • Podcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • Interviews

Reach out with some information on your project and we can find a price that works for you! 

Writing Coaching/Mentoring

I’ve worked with a variety of aspiring writers, primarily junior high/high school students.  If you’re looking to break into writing and publishing, look no further!  I’m happy to work with new writers and editors of all ages to help you get started or build upon what you’ve done so far.

Reach out with a little about you and your writing goals to see if we’ll be a good fit and to receive a pricing estimate. 

Web Content Writing

While I’ve most prevalently written creative work, I’m also a longtime blogger, both on Pencils & Pages on this site and my lifestyle blog, For the Sake of Good Taste.

Below you’ll find a few example subjects I’m familiar with, but I have a wide variety of interests and experience—if you’re looking for something else, still feel free to reach out!

  • Books
    • Poetry
    • Historical Fiction
    • Chick lit
    • Classics
    • Memoir
  • Chronic illness
  • Mental health
  • Vegan lifestyle & diet
  • Organisation and productivity
  • Personal finance
  • Fashion, accessories, and cruelty-free beauty
  • Millennial life and adulting
  • Current events and entertainment

Read some example content on Pencils & Pages, For the Sake of Good Taste, or Her Campus

Looking for something that isn’t listed here but might be a good fit? Reach out with your ideas!