Words I’ve Felt but Never Known by Prin Mayowa: Review

I received a copy of Prin Mayowa’s Words I’ve Felt but Never Known for review purposes. As always, this review reflects only my honest thoughts on the book.

 width=Words I’ve Felt but Never Known
by Prin Mayowa

Publication Date: 24 April 2019



This book is for anyone who lays awake at night wondering where they stand in the world. This book is about being afraid to take up space. This book is about the hurt that comes with loving without clearly written expectation. Filled with illustrations straight from the soul, this book will make you feel. This book is an affirmation that your feelings are valid.

My Review

Prin Mayowa’s Words I’ve Felt but Never Known is not a traditional poetry book.  Reading through it reminded me of scrolling through a Tumblr feed–it truly is a “collection of thoughts.”

After reading this collection, I feel as if I’ve gotten to know its speaker.  It’s almost reminiscent of journal entries; there are typos and run-on sentences and all sorts of things you “shouldn’t” have in poetry.  But this book does and, despite those rules, makes them work.

Illustrations by Erica Holloway add an entire other layer to this collection. The thoughts & poems bring an idea, a feeling, to light and the imagery drives it home.  Words I’ve Felt but Never Known becomes an aesthetic experience and leaves you feeling a sort of yearning for something you can’t quite put into words.

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