Website Services

Are you a writer, artist, or publication looking to set up or revamp a website to feature your work?  I can help!

As a writer and editor myself, I know the importance of having a strong online presence for your work and for you as a writer.  I have built many websites for creative professionals and would love to help you get set up with a stellar online space to promote your work!

All costs are payable via Paypal.  Reach out with questions or to get started on your site today!

Some examples: (this website!)

Website Options/Pricing

From each of the options below, we can build you the perfect personalised package to fit your website needs!

URL:  branded or personalised?

What do you want your web address to be? With either of the options below, I recommend using your name or a variation of it, such as,, or 

At no additional cost to you, I can build your website with a branded URL ( or

For a more professional look, I can set up your personalised domain (  Particularly for WordPress sites, this option also allows a lot more customisation and features than a branded URL. The cost for this does range, but I will search for the best deal possible for you along the way and you will have the final say regarding any and all purchases.

Note:  All costs associated with hosting and web domains are incurred by the buyer and renew annually.  

Costs:  Free (branded) – Varies (personalised)

WordPress or Wix?

Based on my own experience, I offer either WordPress or Wix services.  

In the interest of full disclosure, I do have more experience working with WordPress. I assure you you’ll get an equally wonderful site on either platform, but a Wix site may take slightly longer on my end.

If you’re looking for the most customizable option, a self-hosted (personalised URL) WordPress is the best option. But, if you’re just starting out or are working with limited resources, any of these options can work for you!

Costs:  $60 (branded WordPress) – $75 (branded Wix) – $100 (personalised WordPress) – $150 (personalised Wix)


Website Add-Ons

Need more tools or support for your site? I’ve got you covered!

Updates & Maintenance

As you publish more work, announce new projects, or even update your bio, you’ll have an array of additions and changes to be made on your site. Plus, the website itself occasionally needs updates for any themes, plugins, or core updates. For a set monthly fee or a cost per update, I’ll take care of all of the above!

Costs: $30/month or $10/update

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you’re looking to increase your online presence with this site, search engine optimisation is important.  The more optimised your site is, the easier it will be for search engines like Google or Bing to find your site and the more they’ll want to show your work in search results.

Cost:  $30


Want to know who’s coming to your site, from where, and what they’re looking at?  I can install Google Analytics to get you those stats with minimal time or effort!

Cost: $35


Social Media Add-Ons

If you’re a new writer/publication/etc. and want to increase your visibility, social media is super important!

Basic Social Media

Cover the bases with business profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  When your new fans discover you and want to keep up with your work, they’ll find you with just a few clicks on their favourite social network!

Costs: $15/profile or $40 for all three

Author Social Media Profiles

Already have a body of work published that can be found on Amazon or Goodreads?  Make sure anyone finding your work there gets the most accurate information by having me set up your Amazon Author Central and Goodreads Author pages.


All costs are payable via Paypal.  Reach out with questions or to get started on your site today!