renaissance (Nightingale & Sparrow, Issue No. II)

renaissanceIssue No. II of Nightingale & Sparrow 


Publication Date: 16 May 2019
Print and Digital; 125 pages
ISSN  2642-0104 (print)
ISSN 2641-7693 (online)
ISBN-13:  978-1094872490

Genre: Literary Magazine



Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine is proud to present their second issue, renaissance. This volume features the poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and photography of dozens of amazing creators from around the globe. For this themed issue, Nightingale & Sparrow envisioned images of springtime and Shakespeare, rebirth and revival, and artwork brought to life in print. Our contributors did all of that and more.

From the editor: “Enjoy interpretations of renaissance through Ellora Sutton’s modern-day William Shakespeare in “Shakespeare in Camden, 2019” and Camille Clarke’s beautiful story of longing, “Alive in the World.” Move across the world with Liat Miriam (and her cat) in “Boxes” and hear the chirps of newborn birds in Cheryl Heineman’s “Future Comings.” Feel the warmth and drizzles of springtime and let the words and images revitalise you as you read through renaissance.”

Featuring content by: Juliette Sebock (founding editor), Aremu Adams Adebisi, Rachel B. Baxter, Paul Bluestein, Marianne Brems, Courtney Burk, Sasha Carney, Cynthia Cashman, Camille Clarke, William Conelly, Lily Cooper, Emily Craig, Bailey Dann, Essie Dee, William Doreski, Grace Alice Evans, Jane M. Fleming, Kari A. Flickinger, Charis Fox, Leah Gonzalez, Susan E. Gunter, Charlotte Hamrick, alyssa hanna, Cheryl Heineman, Jonathan Hope, Seth Jani, Kaylor Jones, Melodie Jones, Kevin Kissane, Kristin Kozlowski, Joris Lenstra, Annabel Mahoney, Birdy McDowell, DW McKinney, Britton Minor, Liat Miriam, Don Noel, Bayveen O’Connell, Surabhi Parmar, Isidra Pendragon, Nikkin Rader, Claudia Radmore, Holly Salvatore, Lynne Schmidt, K.T. Slattery, Adrian Slonaker, Preston Smith, Ellora Sutton, Lisa Lerma Weber, Kimberley Wolkens, and Jeffrey Yamaguchi