Psychoskeletal Rhythms

Psychoskeletal Rhythms
by Juliette Sebock

Publisher: Alien Buddha Press

Genre: Poetry

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“Psychoskeletal Rhythms” by Juliette Sebock is profound, eloquent, and unfiltered. With poetic grace, she captures the essence of existence, intertwining personal anecdotes with universal truths.

The words dance to the cadence of a poet’s life, inviting readers to join in on a poignant odyssey of resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of writing.

A remarkable journey into the depths of emotion and self-discovery.

Juliette Sebock’s voice is a gift to literature, an invitation to explore the inner workings of the heart and mind. ‘Psychoskeletal Rhythms’ is a testament to her prowess as a writer and her unwavering commitment to authenticity. This book is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt the cathartic release of putting pen to paper, a celebration of the written word as a lifeline in the storm.


Previously published poems included in Psychoskeletal Rhythms:

Hypergraphia” appeared in Marias at Sampaguitas

The Only Thing to Fear” appeared in Cauldron Anthology

Quarter Life” appeared in Porridge

Act II Interlude” appeared in The Magnolia Review

Seismic Sight” appeared in The /tƐmz/ Review