Plight of the Pangolin

plight of the pangolin cover

Plight of the Pangolin
by Juliette Sebock

Publication Date: 15 February 2020
Vociferous Press

Genre: Poetry

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15 February marks World Pangolin Day, celebrated on the third Saturday of February each year. This day is marked to raise awareness of pangolin, a group of eight species of scale-covered mammals ranging from vulnerable to critically endangered.  Heavily trafficked for their scales, meat, and skin,  illegal trading has made them one of the most highly-trafficked mammals.

Plight of the Pangolin discusses the pangolin and, of course, their plight. As the speaker laments humanity’s treatment of the pangolin, it brings about a beacon of hope, a silver lining through it all: it’s not too late to help change their fate.

A portion of all profits from sales of Plight of the Pangolin will be donated to the Pangolin Crisis Fund.

This tiny book measures approximately 2.125 x 2.75 inches. Each book is handmade and numbered, representing its place in the limited 100-copy run.

Each copy is uniquely hand-crafted/folded; because of this, some uneven edges do occur. We think it gives them more character!