Pencils & Pages: A Blog of Writing and Reading

As writing becomes an increasingly important part of my life, I’ve been incorporating more reading & writing-related content into my lifestyle blog, For the Sake of Good Taste (now An Ideal Life).  However, as that site progresses into more of a lifestyle blog, I’ve decided to give my more literary bookish posts a new home right here on my website with Pencils & Pages.

Check out Pencils & Pages here!

Pencils & Pages will feature book reviews and recommendations, writing insights, and more.  I’m in the process of moving over & redirecting some posts from FTSOGT to here, with more to come! I’m working with some amazing companies and publishers to bring you some great reviews.

I also hope to use this sub-site to share some insights into my own writing processes. I’ve got a few ideas for posts to come, but feel free to reach out with any suggestions!

I’m so excited to see where this new project leads!

Pencils & Pages