Are you an author looking for a review of your new release or backlisted favourite? I provide a variety of book reviews through my book blog, Pencils & Pages, as well as at An Ideal Life, The Poetry Question, and Marías at Sampaguitas.

book reviews

At Pencils & Pages, I publish book reviews of poetry collections/chapbooks, short story collections, literary fiction, historical fiction, and craft titles.

At An Ideal Life, my recently-rebranded lifestyle blog, I’m looking to feature books on personal development, mental health, spirituality, organisation, and related subjects.

If you’re looking for a review at The Poetry Question or Marías at Sampaguitas, please see their respective websites for more information.

Want your work to join my list of book reviews?

Currently, I’m working through a long queue of pending reviews. Still, I’m happy to add your book to my TBR lists—to be read & to be reviewed, that is!

If you’d like me to consider your book for review on Pencils & Pages, please reach out via my contact page. The form offers a “Pencils & Pages” option for your message’s subject.

Books that fall under An Ideal Life’s featured genres can be queried for review via the blog’s book review page.

For reviews on TPQ or Marías, reach out via their respective website. Be sure to mention if you want a review from me specifically. Both publications have other (wonderful!) reviewers on staff!

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