Micro: a microchapbook of micropoems

Micro - Cover


Publication Date: 25 June 2019
Paperback; 14 pages
Genre: Poetry

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“I have to say ‘I love you’ / in a poem . . . “

Micro is a microchapbook of micropoems by Nightingale & Sparrow editor Juliette Sebock. This tiny book contains 10 short poems and measures approximately 2.125 x 2.75 inches. Each book is handmade and numbered, representing its place in the limited 100-copy run.

Each copy is uniquely hand-crafted, cut, and folded; because of this, some uneven edges do occur. We think it gives them more character!


“Readers take things away from small poems constantly, but Juliette has a way of saying what we are all thinking but can’t or don’t say. And she does so in so few words as if she has been waiting years just to get said words out. If you have ever wanted to feel seen or heard—the poems in Micro will most definitely see and hear you. “

-Venus Davis (Review)

“Juliette Sebock’s microchap, Micro: a Microchapbook of Micropoems, is a down and dirty reminder that once you say those words, and once you commit to someone, and once it goes awry, you can rediscover yourself within the all the damage. You can come out on top. You can remember that no means no, and they should have stopped.”

-Christopher Margolin, The Poetry Question (Review)

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