Blurb: Cinders And Glass

I was fortunate enough to read an advance copy of Amanda Crums’ Cinders And Glass and to provide a blurb for its back cover.

cinders and glassCINDERS AND GLASS

Publication Date: November 2019

Genre: Poetry



We’ve all grown up on fairytales, but within the pages of Amanda Crum’s Cinders And Glass, they come to life more vividly than our childhood selves could possibly imagine. The inanimate becomes vivacious in her portraits of glass slippers and golden hair. This chapbook takes the reader inside castle walls and makes you pay attention to the overlooked and the wicked in a tale of storybook sacrifice. It makes you wonder just where you yourself stand in this fairyland.

—Juliette Sebock, editor-in-chief of Nightingale & Sparrow

Available from Sword & Kettle Press

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